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On-line guide
to create sites

The purchase, installation, registration.

The program for creation and site administration EdgeStile SiteEdit (later SiteEdit) is created for both professionals and for users without special skills, who want to create sites on the professional level and also to administrate them. Using of Site Edit will help the user to get skills of a designer, programmer, editor without long studying and financial spent. Possibilities of Site Edit allow creating site that is quite professional by its content, layout and technical performance. Site, created with Site Edit corresponds to the modern standards of Internet sites.

Acquiring EDGESTILE SiteEdit

Acquiring of EDGESTILE SiteEdit can be performed the Internet. Address of company that is providing with the program package is On the main page of a site you can choose the needed program Product and press button “To buy”. Then you will be on a page of the “Order Basket” of our Internet shop. For ordering choose the quantity of acquiring programs (for example 3) and to press button “To order”. After that you will be on a page of registration (authorization) of a client. Fill in the form of “Registration of a new client” and press “Continue ordering”. You will get on the next page, where you are to choose the way of delivery of the program (either by downloading from Internet of getting a disk by mail). The program of Internet shop automatically will evaluate the cost of your order with the delivery and discounts. Press the button “Continue” and you will get to the client’s personal page where you will see your orders. Besides you will be offered to choose from the list the way of paying – bank transaction, WebMoney or Yandex Money and so on. After paying you will receive e-mail with the authorization codes: serial number, key and the link for program downloading. That information will be also on the personal page of “my orders” on the site of a company.

Installation of EDGESTILE SiteEdit.

For installation of program EDGESTILE SiteEdit you should do following:
  1. If you have downloaded the program from Internet launch file «Setup.exe».
  2. If you acquired it on CD , then insert disk into CD-ROM and start the file «Autorun.exe».
Do all the requirements of installation master.

Technical requirements to the equipment while installing EDGESTILE SiteEdit.

Minimal configuration:
  • Processor: Pentium 2 or higher.
  • Ram memory: 64Mb.
  • Hard disk capacity: 100Mb (minimum of free space)
  • Operating system: Windows 98 or higher.
  • Preset programs: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. One of the browsers like: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla.

Registration of the program SiteEdit

Registration of the program is necessary for giving of a hosting (a place in the Internet) for your site. The work in the program does not require the Internet connection. After you created a project (look at chapter 3. Creating site with the help of SiteEdit) is necessary to register it on the domaine of SiteEdit. The registration window of the program is launched from the tool bar.

Registration of the program for creation of sites SiteEdit Site registration in the program SiteEdit

During purchasing of the program on your e-mail was sent a letter with the serial number and a secret code.
For registration you need to do the following:
  1. Connect to Internet;
  2. In the main menu of an editor find “Registration”;
  3. Step 1: In the field “Serial number” type gotten 10 digit number, which you got in your e-mail message. And in the field “Secret code” type the secret code. Before entering it check the language and if the “Caps Lock” is not on.
  4. Step 2: The program at its first registration suggests entering of the following:
    • Your name;
    • Unique name of the site (sort of :;
    • Your contact E-Mail.
  5. The next step you will get a key.
After successful registration you may publish site on your hosting.
Please note!!! After the first registration of the key you need to wait for 5 minutes for performing of the work of yielding the disk space and installing the programs in the server.
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