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Editing of any site’s element is in the windows of editing. In order to call such a window of a chosen element one should press the left button of the mouse on the icon of fast editing that is near that element.

The view of the window of editing

The view of the window of editing

The editor allows to work in the word processor and in HTML code.
It contains the panel with the elements of text editing.
One can edit in the editor’s mode or the source code.
One can cut, copy and paste different objects.
You can make text or images as a hyperlink, delete the hyperlink, tie this hyperlink to the e-mail address.
You can insert a picture, code of automatic data (the data will change every day), the horizontal line;
One can change the existing table and insert a new one.
The brush deletes the HTML formatting
One can create the numerical list and marked one (as dots)
You can increase or decrease indent of the text to the left or to the right.
You can change the font and the size of the text, make the text bald, cursive or underlined.
You can change the color of the font and highlight it with another color.
You can justify text as needed.
The grammar and spelling checking is available.
One can turn on or turn off the filter (for HTML editor)
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