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Graphical Editor

Built-in graphical editor that is in any window of the editing of chapters is purposed for changing of the image. It is the changing of the sizes, appearance of image and so on.
For putting the image on the page it is needed to be downloaded into special reserved folder “Images”, which is in your project (in the computer and on the site). After doing this a picture may be used. It is called by the button “Change a picture”.

Built in graphics editor SiteEdit

Every item of the menu has sub items:

Sub items of menu “File”

Sub items of menu “File”

It saves the image, launches it in the external editor. In this case this editor must be registered in the settings “External editors”.
Sub item ”Parameters of saving” opens the window where one can change parameters of the saving. The window has three fields: original image, the field of viewing after changing (if there is tick of automatic viewing, then this field is active) and the field of parameters of saving.
«Quality» - has horizontal scale from 1 to 100%.
One can choose “The method of saving”: ISLOW, IFAST, FLOAT, to dither to 100%. The size of the transformed file is recalculated right away. The value is displayed in the lower part of the window. The combination of the buttons alt+F4 closes the graphical editor.

Menu Items “Picture”

Menu Items “Picture”

One may invert the color of the picture: negative, black and white, gray, to restore the color, pasteurize color.

Colour choice

This changes the color:

You can calculate colors

The indicator of quantity of colours

You can cut the picture on the left, above, on the right and down below.

Map trimming on the sizes

One may change the size of the image in the percentage from the original or in the pixels using or not using the filters of dithering.

Map resizing

Menu item “Clear”

It deletes the picture from the graphical editor.

Menu item “Operations”

«Rotate…» - changes the angle of images inclination.

Change of an angle of slope of the map

«Reflect…» - It reflects the picture horizontally or vertically.

Menu item of “Regulators”

Changes the brightness, contrast of the image, tone, saturation, light, illumination, color range.

Brightness and picture contrast regulation
Change of hue, saturation, luminosity of the map
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