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On-line guide
to create sites

Hot Keys of SiteEdit.

Standard hot keys of Windows:

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins Copy the text into clipboard
Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins Insert the text from clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut the text

Hot keys of the main menu of SiteEdit:

Ctrl+O open the project
Alt+F4 exit the program

F2 choose Skin
Ctrl+S save Skin as
Ctrl+F3 editor of “Map of design”

F3 show the text CSS
F4 show the design editor
F9 viewing/editor – transition to the editing mode and back Editing

Ctrl+Z cancel the last action (21 actions are saved)
Ctrl+Y to bring back the last action (21 actions are saved)
F7 add a page
F6 change the page
F11 order of pager

In the “Design Editor” mode the (button F4) the following buttons are accessible. They are for shifting (flushing) of the highlighted object:
Ctrl+Alt+Down flushing down to 10
Ctrl+Down flushing down
Ctrl+Alt+Up flushing up to 10
Ctrl+Up flushing up
Ctrl+Alt+Right flushing right to 10
Ctrl+Right flushing right
Ctrl+Alt+Left flushing left to 10
Ctrl+Left flushing left
Shift+Right width “+”
Shift+Left width “-”
Shift+Up height “+”
Shift+Down height “-”

In the mode of “HTML Editor”
Shift+Enter transition to the next line (<ВR>)
Enter new paragraph
Ctrl+C copying of new paragraph into the buffer
Ctrl+V insert the text into the buffer
Ctrl+X cutting out of the highlighted text

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