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On-line guide
to create sites

The Menu of program

Features of ”Project” menu item

Parameters of menu item Project

”Project” contains submenu:

• create - creates a new project
• open…/Ctrl+O – open existing projects
• save project as… - gives a name to a project and saves it.
• Export - exporting the project into HTML code. (By default saves files in a folder of the project being exported C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\SiteEdit\Business\projects\...\html), also exports project into CHM file (By default saves files in folder chm HTML same direction)
• Apply file to project… - allows to place files of different extension (.rar, .doc, .txt, .jpg, .mp3, .) for viewing and downloading (look at Application of file to project)
• Project property - Allows choosing variants of menu, change the access categories of users, synchronize Project (checking the changes on site) (look at Page change/Access rights)
• Another user - Allows to enter into the project under another user’s name. You can add users in menu item “Account”
• Log in and password of site administrator - allows to change password, protecting project from unauthorized editing in PC and online. It is used for administrating interactive capabilities of site (“Guest book”, “Billboard” and so on)
• Account - Allows to add users and define their rights of using the Editor command and the access to manage by different pages of site
• Restore from backup - The program creates the backup of project once a day when program is initialized. You can restore a project from 5 backups according to the date
• Exit/Alt+F4 – closes SiteEdit

Parameters of «Design»

Parameters of menu item Design

Menu “Design” contains submenu items:

• Choose design…/ F2 – Brings the list of designs of a site.
• Save design as…/ Ctrl+S – saves all changes in a design pattern of site of allows to give a new name to the pattern in a Library of site patterns.
• Refresh parameters of CSS editor/ Shift+Ctrl+F5 – restarts CSS editor. It is recommended to use it after adding or editing modules during the work of program)
• Editing of design map…/ Ctrl+F3 – opens a window to edit design map (look Appendix 1 Design map)
• Picture Library - opens a window of Library of pictures where you can create an archive of files .bmp, .jpg, .gif

Parameters of menu item “View”

Parameters of menu item View

The “View” item contains submenu:

• Show CSS text/ F3 – Opens at the bottom of program the text editor, allowing to change CSS code manually (for advanced users)
• Design Editor/ F4 – Opens editing toolbar of the stile of the project and stile of different pages. (look Design Editor)
• Preview/Editor/ F9 – turns the program into editing mode or preview (look at 2.4. fast response icons)
• External Editors… - Adding graphical editors (Photoshop or another), Connection of Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and so on for tuning of design compatability.

Parameters of item “Edit”
Parameters of item Edit

“Edit” contains submenu:

• Cancel / Ctrl+Z – allows to cancell editing (up to 21 operations) and the filling of the site, not touching design.
• Return / Ctrl+Y – returns the cancelled action (up to 21 operations)
• Site heading… - Opens the editor of the sights heading.
• Subheading… - Opens the editor of subheading of the site
• Logotype… - Opens the editor of picture changing/logotype or allows to edit in an outward editor.
• Statistics - The container in where the codes of counters are installed, for example Hot Log or Spy Log..
• Contacts - The container for entering contact requisites. It is at the bottom of the page.
• Add a page / F7 – allows to add a page (see The editor of page). The action may be cancelled..
• Copy a page / Ctrl+F7 – creates a copy of a page, opening it in an editor of page.
• Change a page / F6 – opens the editor of a page changing
• Delete a page - deletes an opened page.
• The page list / F11
– allows to change the order of pages and their place.
• User’s variables - opens the list of the element of the site design, which may be edited in an editor of this elements. The list may be changed and added manually.
• Menu properties - opens the window of project properties
• The menu Editor - opens the window “The menu list”

Features of menu item “My office”

Features of menu item My office

The item “My office” opens the page of a personal room on Site Edit site.

Features of menu item “Tools”

Features of menu item Tools

Features of menu item “Site publishing”

Features of menu item Site publishing

The menu item “Sit publishing” contains the items of submenu:

• Download the project from site - synchronizes projects. It is used in case of partial or complete loss of the project on computer or for synchronizing of data for multiuser’s projects.
• Upload project on site - launches Master of uploading of the program SiteEdit
• Upload all the project - deletes all the previous data from the server and downloads u1085 new ifromation.It is recommended to do it only with the first uploading or complete renewing of site
• Optional upload - uploads in internet
• Connection setting - opens the window of setting the Internet connection
• Move to (address of your project) - opens the ready site. Before uploading any information on server the program compresses data in order to minimize the file. In case of dial up (connection break), in case of repeated uploading the program uploads only those units that were not uploaded previously

Menu item “Registration”

It is active only before registration of the Project. It runs the registration window for registration key, which is got after purchasing of the program Site Edit.

Features of menu item “The reference”

Features of menu item The reference

• Reference book / F1 - calls the manual
• Official site of company - opens site of EDGESTILE.
• Official site of program - opens site of
• Forum -reference to forum about Site Edit program
• Get a lesson - opens the form for getting 10 lessons about Site Edit program
• Support service - opens the patterns of letters in e-mail program.
• Connection setting - opens the window of Internet connection settings.
• Generalization of a new key… - call a window of registration of a new project in EDGESTILE.
• Buy SiteEdit - opens the Internet shop of EDGESTILE.
• Download update - launches the checking of new versions of Site Edit in Internet.
• Greetings - runs the greeting window of SiteEdit.
• About SiteEdit - information about SiteEdit program, registered user and serial number of program.

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