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On-line guide
to create sites

CCS Editor

For creating your own design or changing the present one in the program there is CSS Editor. It is called with F4 or with the button on the toolbar. When the design editor is open one can define the layer of CSS with the help of Ctrl+

CCS Editor

For professionals there is the manual editing mode of CSS. It is initiated with F3.

CCS Editor

CSS Editor consists of 2 parts:

  1. The tree of the site’s elements-the list of forms and layers of site locating in hierarchical order. It is purposed for highlighting of needed element of site.

    The Note: when choosing some element of the site, CSS editor automatically highlights the text in red frame (on the picture it is the heading of the chapter)

  2. Panel of CSS features – the set of forms and fields for assignment to elements of the site properties of CSS divided into 7 categories:
    • properties of font
    • Property of background of site’s elements
    • The boundaries of sit’s elements
    • Positioning of site’s elements
    • Dislocation of text
    • The other settings of sit’s elements
    • Scroll bars

Having chosen for editing in the tree-like list, which locates in the left, corresponding layer, you can adjust its design in the panel of CSS features (give it needed font, locate it in the needed place in the site, fill with appropriate color, set the size, define the background picture and many things. On a picture it is heading of the chapter)
So choosing and setting the site’s elements one can easily create his own unique design of a site.
To give the site’s element any property one should only input corresponding value in the field purposed for it or choose the needed thing from the list.
Example: You want all the headings of the chapters always have the following look: 20 size of font, Arial, a picture always on the background. For that on the inlay “Font” on the CSS panel just enter in appropriate fields the following: “20”, “Arial”, “bold” (look at the picture above)

With the help of visual CSS editor one can embody any web design dream. Thanks to this tool the process of editing becomes simple and one doesn’t need special knowledge of CSS language by which is adjusted stile of every element of the site.

More about properties of CSS look at Addition 2. A reference book on CSS.
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