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On-line guide
to create sites

Uploading project in the Internet


Uploading the whole project

For uploading the project in the Internet one needs to choose the option “Upload the whole project”. This option locates in the item “Site Publish” in the toolbar. Then follow instructions. If there will be errors the master will offer to stop uploading. The button “Setting” allows to check the parameters of Internet connections. The master will automatically form files for the first uploading project in the Internet.

The wizard of outswapping of a site in the Internet

Customisations of parametres of connection to the Internet

It will form them into the packages of 8 kb.

The indicator of creation of packages

You may stop uploading and then launch it later. The master will offer to continue uploading or start it from the beginning. The process of uploading completely automatic and in case of disconnecting during the process the program will itself suggest to upload the files that were not uploaded previously.

The indicator of outswapping of the data

In this window one may see the uploading. How many packages has uploaded, how many are left, the speed and the size. The uploading finishes automatically.

Uploading the changes to the site

Если вы впервые выгружаете проект в интернет, то программа предложит выгрузить проект полностью.

Confirmation of variants of outswapping of the data in the Internet

When pressing “yes” starts uploading of the whole project, when pressing “no” it downloads only changes.

Selective Uploading

Selective outswapping of the data in the Internet

With the tick one can show the necessary elements for uploading. If you choose the option “Only new” the program will compare all the files that are on your computer and the server and will change only those that according to the date will turn out to be old.
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