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The work with the objects of the chapter

Mainly you can add to the chapters two notes and two images. The different chapters of the site have different parameters of adding notes. In order to add a note one must open the window of note adding and pressing the left button of the mouse this icon add a new object/note or change object/note or change object/note. It will open the window of adding a note, which has several inlays:

Window of addition or record editing

Inlay “Content”

We enter the heading then the button “edit heading” opens the window of editing. The text of heading may be made bold, cursive, underlined, it can be shaped with the hyperlink, can be made marked and so on. The data field sets the date automatically or you can change it manually.

Вкладка Содержание

The Inlay “Short text”

We put the needed text into the window, format with the help of toolbar. For the automatic creating of the page “In detail” it is needed to enter into the field the “Detailed text” any information. The short text is for creating annotations, the main text is in the field “Detailed text”. To make the text fully visible without link “in detail” you have to leave the field “Detailed text” leave empty.

The button “Creation of the note’s copy”

This button creates the identical copy of the note. In the editor of the note chapter one may drag with the left button of the mouse.

The button “Delete the note”

It deletes the note. The dialogue box of confirmation of deletion of the box comes up.

The Inlay “Picture”

Addition or map editing

The Editor of the object contains 2 columns of images:
  • A picture for viewing has a small size and is purposed for for viewing.
  • The full size of the picture is for the page “In detail”.
- It loads the picture form the file on the disc.
- It loads the picture from the library.
- It inserts the picture from the buffer.

On may limit the size of the picture for previewing. The values are set in pixels. The buttons of control:
  • External Editor- transmits the image for editing to the Graphic Editor. In this case this editor must be registered in the setting “External editors”;
  • Change – downloads for editing built-in “Graphical Editor”. When editing of the full image, the program offers to create the small image for viewing;
  • Change the note – deletes the note together with a picture, it requires the confirmation for deleting;
  • Creation of note’s copy – creates the identical copy of the note with the picture. The managing of images is described more detailed in the chapter “Work with an image”.
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