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On-line guide
to create sites

Module “Search”

This is the inlay “Edit” in the main menu of the program, “The additional chapters”, block “Search through the site” add the block of search.

Search on a site

The first condition that the form may be displayed is necessity to put the indicated component in the map of design. If the tick “Show” is disconnected then the form of the search will not be displayed on the sites page.

This is the on-line mode:

Search on a site

The form”Search results” –

This form is for displaying of the results of the search through the site. For the locating of the form create the page with the name “Search”.

The form”Search results”

For getting of logs of the searching inquiries indicate in the parameters e-mail of administrator.
The results of the search on-line is formed this way:

Search results

In the Editor of design you can format the parameters of search.
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