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On-line guide
to create sites

Module “Links”

It may create catalogues of links to the other sites and also inside one site.

«The link catalogue» -

This creates the link catalogue. For example to the sites of the similar produce and for the sites where the information was taken from or places for downloading some information and so on.

Каталог ссылок

nlay “Notes”, “Add” in the opened window one must enter the name of the link and the URL address. The link may be in a form of a picture, so that if pressed on it will open the text.

«The link menu” -

The way to the page may be shown as to the strange site. For that on the page one must indicate the whole URL с http:// or related - home.html Name of a page for the current site on must show with the extention .html, When uploading the program will change the extension automatically. Then yu have to enter the heading and show the way to the page.

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