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Type of chapter “Registration and authorization”


«The form of registration» -

Registration gives right to use the service and creation of a page with personal data.

The form of registration

Module on default is set on the site’s page “registration”. The access rights for the page are chosen according to the set goals (for those who can register).

This is the list of parameters needed for adjusting of this module:
  • E-Mail of administrator: E-Mail, which will be sent to Administrator in case of registration of a new user.
  • The level of access of a user. (0 - all, 1-”Users”, 2-”Moderators (super users)”, 3-”Administrators”)
  • Group of users: The group where will be registered users. Later one can manage by this group for dividing rights of access on pages and sites chapters: agents and clients.
  • The confirmation through e-mail: If value is set “no” – the confirmation is not required. The user just makes registration and activates. When the value of the field is “yes” – then to the e-mail box of the user is sent a letter with the link of activation.
  • The link to the page after registration: The name of the site where the client will go right after registration.
  • The text of the link heading after the registration.
The registration window looks like this:

The registration window

«The password change» -

This form is for changing of password that is set earlier by user.

The password change

In the online mode the form looks like this:

The password change

The module must be installed on the page with the access rights of user or higher. It is needed for the change of the password for the registered user.

«Requisites of the enterprise» -

This form is needed for editing the requisites of the enterprise.

Requisites of the enterprise

In the on-line mode it looks like this:

Requisites of the enterprise

«Personal parameters» -

Personal parameters

On the inlay “parameters” you can edit data that is allowed to fill. In the online mode it looks like this:

Personal parameters
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