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Module “Inquiry and Voting”



This form is purposed for creating of questionnaires. The results of it will be sent to the e-mail address in the additional settings of the chapter.

Модуль Анкета

On the inlay “Content” we describe the purposes and goal of research for which this questionnaire is offered. On the inlay “Notes” start adding notes-items of the menu of questionnaire.
Then we enter the heading of the questionnaire item, choose the type of the field:
  • a line for data;
  • opening list-here we show necessary quantity of values that will be opened in the list for choosing;
  • field-field for independent answer on the questions of the questionnaire which demands typing of a text;
  • a small flag-choice of several statements or consent with one value of the menu of questionnaire;
  • radio button – is the choice of the only answer of several.
On the inlay “parameters” of Editor of the chapter are the necessary parameters for questionnaire. For example is the automatic form for entering of the contact information, preventing of spam (entering the number from a picture)

«The form of the data entering»

This form is for forum creating, also for creating of questionnaires and transferring them on inquiry.

Форма ввода данных

Here you do similar things. Just add “The name for enter field”, Java-script, set of tools-here you can add button “send” and notification “Your questionnaire is sent!”


Is the form of voting. The visitors of the site may take part in voting and see the result in the form of a diagram, bar chart.

Форма Голосование

In order to make voting it is needed to choose this chapter in the type of chapters. In the inlay “Content” you have to explain this theme of voting in detail. On the inlay “Notes” there is the button “Add a new note”. Here you can enter the necessary number of answers. On the inlay “parameters” in the editor install parameters of diagram wherewill be shown the results of voting.

Голосование на сайте

This is the example of voting.
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