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Module “News”


«Form of News» -

The form of the chapter “News” with the possibility creating of the page “Archive”. The number of notes on the page is set in the additional setting of the chapter in the inlay “parameters”. There you set the number of notes.

Установка числа записей

The inlay “Notes” in the Editor of a chapter “Add”. In the opened window we enter heading “News”, the date is set automatically when pressing the button. On the inlay “Short text” enter the beginning of news if needed add links, pictures, tables. The buttons of editing are on the toolbar. More about working with them look at 2.3.1. The external look of the window of editing.
In the online mode the news looks like this:

Form of News

In the design Editor one may format the news heading, dates, short description.

«The last news» -

The news informer is for displaying of on an any of a page the short information of the last news. As a rule informer is set in the side columns of the site’s page. This module works together with the on-line news and can not display static news made by the usual news module.

The last news

«On-line news» -

This module is the module of on-line news. It allows to add news right on the site.
The news module may be installed on any number of the pages and adjust to any theme with the help of parameter “The news identification”. This parameter may consist of Latin letters and numbers (the comas and points are not allowed) There is one important moment. If the identificator of news (for informer) is left void, then all the last news will be shown.

On-line news

In the on-line mode moderator of the chapter will have an access to the button “Add the news”

Add the news

When pressing it the form opens of adding the news.
The form of news adding:

Форма добавления новостей

«The message of a mistake» - it will appear on the inlay “parameters”. They can be edited. In the field of news are described the buttons of the editing toolbar. The button “browse” allows to choose a picture for downloading, “save” saves the news on the site. “Back” returns to the page of the news.

There is another way of managing by this module. It is the program “Virtual Manager”. It is for the Business Version. It is set on the computers of the moderators. The program allows to use this module more fully. You can use visual mode for text formatting.
«Virtual Manager» is accessible from the panel of the main menu of the program. “Instruments”-> «Manager of the store» - It comes after uploading of Project in the Internet. After authorization

Добавление новостей через виртуальный менеджер

«RSS» -

It is the form for viewing RSS (new of the other sites).

About RSS technology

RSS is especially formatted text that contains newsletters or something relating to news which can be understood by the special programs. Such programs are called RSS agregator, Reader or Feeder).

Why do we need it and where can we use it?
Imagine that you read news from 10 sites and you don’t want to miss anything. Thus one every two hours you will have to look through every site, downloading them all and carefully looking thru them if perhaps you can find something new.
Instead of it if you download the newsletters from these sites in the program agregator you get all the news in one window. With all that aggregator will itself check them on the updating and will inform you if there is something new. Of course the aggregator shows you only the text without any banners.
RSS newsletters also are used by webmasters in order to import some others news to themselves. This way they enlarge the content of their resource.

RSS News

This module where it is indicated the link to the RSS file (it has XML format) and it downloads to itself on the site with the intervals indicated in the parameters of the module (1min, 5 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours
You can format parameters of this chapter in the Design Editor.
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