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On-line guide
to create sites

Module “Forum”



Adds a forum to the page of the site. To add themes, change them one can do only on-line. In the SiteEdit program you can see only the addition of an example of a forum, i.e. how it will look like after creation in it chapters and sub forums in the on line mode. On the inlay “Parameters” of the Editor window of this chapter one can change the parameters of the forum.

«Managing by the Forum»

Here you can add a module of the forum managing. This module allows you to add forums, chapters and new themes on line.

The purpose of Modules

Module “Forum” is purposed for creation on the site forums (information areas where visitors of the site may discuss different questions, create new themes, to share their experience and just have fellowship) Module has good intuitive interface, developed system of modeling and many other functions, which provides comfortable abiding of visitors on your site.
The look of module “Forum” can be easily adjusted in the editor of design.


With the help of module “Forum” you can create unlimited number of information areas (forums) in which visitors can communicate of any subjects about this forum. For the convenience forums of the similar thematic are bound into chapters. Thus the structure looks this way:
Chapters -> forums -> themes -> messages
Visitors of your site may leave their messages in this or that theme or create new themes to discuss.
On one site there may be several chapters like “Forum” where everyone has his own identification. This way they are in a way isolated from each other. Every one of them has the structure Chapters -> forums -> themes -> messages. But with all these there may exist on common forum in which one can see all other forums. This forum is always has identification “0” (look at module parameters).
In spite of that there is opportunity to “hide” forum, so that it may not be seen in the common forum. This opportunity allows creation of closed forums for the limited number of people (for example the administrators of a site).


Users are divided into two groups: the registered one and visitors. If the user is not registered in the site or does not have authorization then he belongs to the group of guests. In comparison with the registered users visitors (guests) do not have the right:
  • add messages;
  • create new discussion themes;
  • use the email service;
  • change the personal settings.
The first time when getting to forum, a registered user is gotten a nickname, corresponding to his login for authorization on the site. The user can change his nick any time and also other personal settings. Personal settings of user are accessible for viewing for the other visitors of forums.
Note: One and the same login can be used for entrance on the other forums, but personal data for different forums may differ. Every registered user has his status. When entering first he gets status on default, indicated by administrator. To change the status of the user may only an administrator. He also sets the names of status.

Users have also opportunity to load images which will be displayed near their message. The permitted formats of the image are these: gif/png/jpg, resolution not more than100x100 pixels and the size not more than 50 кБ.
The messages may leave only registered users. In the message user may cite another message of the current theme. For designing the text of a message is used the toolbar that is similar to the toolbar of the editor of the SiteEdit. User may add smiley to the text of a message. For putting the smiley on a site administrator must copy them into the skin/forum of the project. The names of files of smiley must correspond the scheme smileNNN.gif, where NNN – number from 001 to 999. Numbering must be uninterrupted.

When clicking the link«E-mail» under the message, user can send the letter to his author.

Searching in the Forum

Searching in the forum allows to find messages on the indicate words. The additional parameters of a search may be the name of the author of a message and also time. Users may also have opportunity to view messages which appeared from the moment their last staying at the forum.

For the accurate search use the following operations in the search:
  • +word – means that a word must be in the message;
  • -word – means that a word should not be in the message;
  • – is used for the abridgement of a word For example search “mess*” allows to find all the messages which contain words beginning with “mess”: “message”.

Forum moderating

The user can attach files to the message. The size and quantity of the attached files determines the administrator in the inlay “Parameters” in the editor of the program. When clicking «E-mail» under the message, the user can send a letter to its author.

Forum Administrating

The form of the administrating of the forum is purposed for managing of the forum and also for managing of users of the forum, that’s why it consists of two chapters- the managing of the forum and managing of users. And since of the same site may work several modules “Forum” with different identifications, then one should remember about separation of users and forums (chapters) for each of modules. In the mode of site editing is accessible such a field as the “Work with the module”.Where you can see all the possible pages of a forum

On a page of the forum managing administrator can add, change or delete any group or a forum. For adding use button “Add a forum” and “Add a chapter”. For adding the chapter one should enter its name, its brief description, choose its status (like if it will be visible or not for users).

In order to make forum visible for users one should designate the moderator for this forum. To do that enter in the field login of a user who you want to make a moderator for this forum. Then choose the needed forum in the falling down list and click “Moderator” For designating a supermoderator it is enough to enter the login and press button “Supermoderator”. To delete one may only supermoderator. To do this enter to the text field login of supermoderator and press button “delete supermoderator”. You may not delete the moderator. You can only change him for another one. For adding a status enter a name and press button “add”. For changing enter new name of a status then in the falling down list choose status which you want to change and press button “delete”.

It is not possible to delete status “User”, but you can change it for another one. In order to give a status to someone you must enter his login in the text field then choose in the falling down list needed status and press “istall”. For deleting enter login and press “delete”. And to this user will be given status on default (user).

If you want to ban access to a user on your forum you can add him to the black list. For that enter his nick and press “add to the list”. After that he won’t be able to enter forum. In order to delete him from the black list choose in the falling down list his nick and press “add to the list”. After that he will be able to enter forum. In order to delete him from the list choose in the falling down list his nick and delete it, by pressing “delete from the list”. For managing by users you have to know their nick. You can learn it on the page “Users”, in the column “Nick”.
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