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On-line guide
to create sites

Module “Chat”

The site’s visitors can have on-line contacts and in chat with each other and representatives of the company.

Module “Chat”

«Standard Chat” –

The form of the chat can be following:

Стандартный чат

On the inlay “Parameters” of the Editor of the chapter one can adjust each element.

«Module of chat modarating» -

This allows in the on-line mode manage by chat. This can perform super moderator or administrator. He can see nick, login, IP-address of the user, can warn him in case of rules abuse, to disconnect the user for several minutes, hours or days.

The form “The user’s settings” –

This form is for editing of registered data of user. Here you can see warnings given by moderator, the real name of the user, the contacts with him and his photo.

Настройки пользователя

«The form «Who’s in chat» -

This form shows the list of the users that are present in chat.
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